Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7 Places To Touch a Man

I used to think talking with girls at West Village bars was difficult —until I had to start conversations with guys about the seven places they like to be touched most.

The men I talked to were baffled by the number seven.

“Seven? Why seven?” says Daniel, a 27-year-old artist living in New York City. “I can’t even think of three.”

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“I can think of only one place,” said Matt, a 26-year-old working in a Manhattan advertising agency. He turned red and giggled like a little boy.

“It’s the junk, of course,” said Chris, a 23-year-old medical student from New York. “Why are there seven?”

It’s a lucky number for some people? I really don’t know why the number seven is important, but I did find someone who had no trouble coming up with seven magic spots to touch men. She’s Dr. Joy Davidson, a New York City sex therapist and creator of “The Joy Spot” sexuality education video series.

“Men like to be caressed and kissed, nibbled all over, just like women,” Dr. Joy says. “They’re just less likely to ask someone to do it. However, different men have different hot spots. It’s best to experiment and discover what he enjoys. The more places you stroke, the more pleasure he’ll feel overall anyway.”

While “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” is a creative children’s song, it just won’t cut it for this particular topic. So, instead of making you feel your way around and find out the hard way, Dr. Joy is here to help you discover the best ways to work the male erogenous zones.

1. The Ultimate Joy Spot
“In terms of ‘on the money’ touch, go for the perineum,” Dr. Joy says. “It’s the flesh under the scrotum leading toward the anus. Stroke and gently press along the length of it."

Guys will let you know, not always in words but lots of times in “oohs and aahs” or an ear-to-ear smile, when you’re turning them on. One place you can never go wrong with a guy is that area below the belt and above the “V” in his pants. Please don’t make me spell it out anymore.

2. The Inner Thigh
Chances are you’re not going to grab a guy’s goods the first time you meet (unless things go really well) or even the first few times you hang out. That doesn’t mean you can’t come close and give him a hint that you know what you’re doing, especially if you’ve only been together in public places at this point in your relationship and want more intimacy.

“Stroke the inner thigh if you can do it without being too obvious,” Dr. Joy recommends. “Get close to, but don’t quite touch, his package. Be a tease.”

Dr. Joy, on behalf of all of the men in the world, while I respect your professional advice, ladies, please do not be a tease in that area. It just hurts in more ways than one.


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